Building a Growth Engine for Your Business

May 2, 2019 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Midland Hills Country Club
2001 Fulham Street
St. Paul
MN 55113
Lisa Mills

Guest Speaker: Mark Coronna "Building a Growth Engine for Your Business"

Every business or organization needs a growth engine, which is dynamic and very different from a more static growth plan. A recent Gartner survey of 460 CEOs and C-level business executives reveals that leaders are looking for deeper structural sources for growth, including changing the “deeper engine” of the business. They recognize that incremental growth strategies are no longer working – and more disciplined methods are necessary for exploiting digital opportunities while developing their organization in more meaningful ways.

Creating a sustainable growth engine for your enterprise is the only way to see results – and it’s more than just a quarterly growth plan or an intriguing digital marketing strategy with all the bells and whistles. To succeed in your marketplace over the long term, your organization must shift its thinking, and implement the appropriate combination of processes, people, and platforms to see real results.

Creating a growth engine involves the consistent application of best practices that empower you and your staff to implement elective and powerful generators of growth in your business.

We’ll walk through the approach during our large group workshop to help you build a sustainable growth machine, and drive your organization forward.

Attendees will:

• Learn why a growth engine far exceeds the value of a growth plan
• Learn the stage gate approach to opportunity identification and development
• Learn key “horizon growth” principles and best practices
• Have a hands-on opportunity to get started on their path to accelerated growth

About Mark Coronna...

Mark is a Partner and CMO with Chief Outsiders, the leader in providing fractional marketing and growth support. Globally experienced executive with
consistent growth, turnaround and re-positioning results across multiple industries and business sizes. Known for accelerating business growth through
deep knowledge of marketing and business development best practices. Skilled in building, growing and optimizing plans, products, processes, and

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