Management Myths: How Managers Design Dysfunction into their Organizational Structure

November 7, 2019 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Midland Hills Country Club
2001 Fulham Street
St. Paul
MN 55113
Lisa Mills

Guest Speaker:  Tom Foster"Management Myths: How Managers Design Dysfunction into their Organizational Structure"

As organizations grow, headcount increases, the number and size of projects get bigger, things become more complex. Control systems get stress tested, we outgrow processes and the wheels get wobbly. We get the work done, deliver the project, the customer is happy, but when we look in the wake, there are body bags and organizational friction. All of this has an impact on profit.
We think we have personality conflicts and breakdowns in communication, so we do personality testing and conduct communication seminars in the hope that we can all work better together. But after the seminar, nothing changes. That's because we do not have a communication problem, we have a structure problem.

We create the structure in which people work. We set the context. It is all about structure. Change the context, behavior follows.

In his presentation, Tom Foster will share the statistically significant research of the late Dr. Elliott Jaques (1917-2003) related to levels of work in organizational structure.

Specific subject areas:

  • The flat organization is a misguided management fad — organizational hierarchy is important and exists for very specific reasons
  • Personality conflicts and communication problems are often smokescreens for a misalignment in organizational structure
  • A hiring manager will not willingly hire anyone at or above his or her level of work
  • Most managers have difficulty understanding the true nature of managerial work and often, are drawn into activity that pulls them away from higher-level responsibilities.

Value to Members:
Participants will become familiar with Elliott Jaques' “Human Progression Model.”
They will understand the impact of this missing link in:

• Most hiring processes
• Managerial and cross-functional working relationships
• Defining appropriate levels of work.

Participants should bring a current organization chart, starting with the CEO and driving down three levels into the organization (lines on the chart should represent reporting relationships), and if they exist, a short paragraph description for the CEO and each of the senior management positions.

About Tom Foster
Tom Foster is the author of two books: Outbound Air – Levels of Work in Organizational Structure and Hiring Talent – Levels of Work in the Behavioral Interview.

Tom is an international speaker working with CEOs on what happens to an organization when it grows from a dozen employees to a hundred, to five hundred,
to a thousand plus. Since 2004, he has delivered this workshop to more than 600 groups around the world.

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Tom operates two executive peer groups, where, since 1995, he has delivered more than 14,000 hours as an executive coach to CEOs. His client base is diverse, from retail to distribution, manufacturing, education, industrial services, construction, software development and professional services.

Tom is an expert on business models, organizational structure and hiring.

Breakfast served at 8:00 am
Event begins at 8:30 am

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