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All Forums will be held via video conferencing until further notice.

Please watch for emails for upcoming information on Business Academy sessions.

Our Roundtable on May 7th featuring Lee Salz has been postponed, reschedule date to be determined.

Bill is available to all members at any time via phone.

Stay safe and healthy!

Monthly CEO Peer Group Forums
Explore problems, opportunities and sensitive issues that may be inappropriate or premature to discuss within your own company. You'll receive the perspectives of practicing professionals, and you are not obligated to take their advice unless you want to!

Forums are small group meetings at member facilities where discussions take place in a more personal, in-depth, atmosphere. Forums typically meet 11 months per year and allow members to experience the inner practices of other organizations through on-site visits.

These meetings are where the rubber meets the road and breakthrough conversations provide the perspective and support to make game changing decisions ... or just pick up a quick money making tip!


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