Our speaker for February 1st is Heather Heefner, from Dart Studios.  Heather will be helping us all learn how to craft powerful, persuasive presentations to gain alignment and engagement.

February 1st, 2018 - from 8:30 AM to Noon, Breakfast will be served!
Midland Hills Country Club

GUEST SPEAKER:  Heather Heefner

How to Craft Powerful, persuasive presentations to gain alignment and engagement

Persuasion and strong communication skills are major currencies of today’s business world. Those who excel at communicating through presentations accelerate their career, provide more effective team leadership, gain trust with peers and turn ideas into action. Presentations that communicate well use the timeless principles of Narrative to connect with and engage audiences.  This workshop will teach participants how to structure a powerful, persuasive presentation using the Narrative principles.

Whether you are creating a sales presentation, trying to gain alignment among team members, or preparing for a cultural shift in your organization, having a powerful, persuasive presentation to communicate your ideas and gain engagement is critical.

This workshop is designed to help the participants understand how a powerful presentation is structured and give them tools to create their own effective presentations. The workshop is based on the proven principles of narrative and story structure.

Topics included are:

  • Audience analysis
  • Finding a common ground with your audience
  • Developing your thesis / main idea
  • Developing your call to action
  • Gathering Content
  • Learning and practicing the Narrative/Story Structure Method of organizing your content

Each section has a hands-on workout session. Please bring a presentation idea you are currently crafting so you can apply the principles to your presentation during the work out sessions.  You will leave with a strong outline of your presentation, and tools for future presentations.

Another change you will see at this Roundtable is our breakfast.  We will have a full, hot breakfast buffet with eggs, bacon, sausage, and all the other items you are used to as well.  We will no longer be serving lunch.  This will save a lot of food from being wasted.  So arrive hungry!

Heather Dart Heefner began her design career in 1993 at Yamamoto Moss Design in Minneapolis. After several years in the corporate and non-profit design world both designing and managing projects, she opened Dart Studios with the goal of helping companies tell their story visually. She believes she must listen to her clients and collaborate with them in order to serve their fundamental needs. Her passion is to understand the underlying layers of who a company is, what they do, and why in order to create visual design solutions that are best for them. She holds a BFA in Graphic Design from the U of M and has several Masters courses in Design Communication from Kent State.


Bring your leadership and sales teams!

February 1st, 8:30 - Noon pm

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