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Guest Speaker Patrick Hanlon

August 3rd, 2017 - from 8:30 AM to Noon
Lunch Noon - 1:00 (optional)
Midland Hills Country Club

GUEST SPEAKERS:  Patrick Hanlon

Dare Your Brand To Make It To 2020

If you ask 100 people to define ‘What is a brand?’ you will get 100 different answers. Many of us think of our brand as our reputation. Sometimes we think of it as a slogan:

Things go better with Coke – 1963
It’s the Real Thing – 1969
Coke adds Life – 1976
Coke is it! – 1982

Today, we need to think of brand as our “community” of users, buyers, customers, consumers and fans who not only buy us—they buy into us.

But how do you build a community of believers who bring loyalty, margin and attract still more believers?

Patrick Hanlon, CEO of THINKTOPIA®, will help you re-think antiquated beliefs about brand, community and culture. He’ll help you understand:

· Why B2B is dead and how the rules for long-standing vendor relationships have been re-written
· Why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) might be a waste of effort
· Why most social media strategies are nothing more than using techniques from the 1960’s pumped through a new channel (and why it isn’t working)
· How to use the seven elements of community-building to build your brand in a world craving connection
· How to move the conversation from marketing functions to business development and growth

Patrick’s presentation is a must attend event. Not only will he rip the veil away from non-productive marketing efforts, but he’ll also show you how community building can build the culture you need to attract and retain the community of customers you seek.

Patrick Hanlon is the Charles Darwin of branding. His finches are human beings who gather in crowds. Conventional “Branding” has been broken, disrupted and evolved.

By unveiling the construct of brands as belief systems that attract others who share your beliefs, Hanlon uncovered what Harvard sociologist E.O. Wilson describes as the “natural selection for social interaction”. The pattern of social interactions, outlined in Hanlon’s books “Primal Branding” (2006) and “The Social Code” (2015) defines how to create deep belief and active advocacy for people, places and things.

Recognized as the world’s leading brand evolutionary, Hanlon is CEO and founder of THINKTOPIA®, a global brand and strategic innovation practice for Fortune 100 clients
that have included American Express, Levis, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Kraft Foods, Johnson & Johnson, Yum! Foods, Wrigley, PayPal, Gap, the United Nations and others. His book Primal Branding: Create Zealots For Your Brand, Your Company And Your Future was published by Simon & Schuster/Free Press, is listed as one of the Top 10 books in marketing and branding and taught at progressive colleges and universities around the world. Primal Branding is the seminal book on the evolving role of brands as belief systems—and in 2006 anticipated creating social communities around brands, whether products and services, personality brands, political or civic movements, or actual civic communities.

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April 27th,
 8:30 - noon, lunch from Noon - 1:00 pm

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