Dr. Rajiv Tandon facilitates a CEO peer group comprised exclusively of fast-growth companies. With his own fast-growth company experience he provides a unique perspective for this group of CEOs.

• FastTrack Serial entrepreneur: 20 years of experience building several start-ups.
• Educator: 25+ years of teaching entrepreneurship at various educational institutions
• Mentor: to over 400 entrepreneurs in the development of innovative ideas to accomplish strategic initiatives and achieve organizational goals including:

- Listed by Twin City Business Magazine as one of the "200 Minnesotans You Should Know".
- Developed concepts of "bullet proofing" start-up ventures against predatory practices.
Rajiv helped grow National Car Rental from an early stage company to the leading company it became.  His last position was in charge of the worldwide operations, sales and franchising of Car Rental.  After the sale of National, at the age of 42, he pursued and was awarded a Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship (the first ever given in America) from the University of Minnesota.  Rajiv joined the University of St. Thomas and as a tenured Professor built their Entrepreneurship Program, which was ranked in the top 5 programs in the United States.
Rajiv was awarded the Price-Babson prize for bringing Entrepreneurial vitality to academia. He's bounced back and forth between education, business and even technology based businesses.  Recently he founded and built an e-learning business, which was sold last January, after enjoying 5 consecutive years on the Inc. 500/5000 Fast-growing Company List.
The CEO Group will be formed next year, by mutual selection.