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Break Down Your Business Barriers

These leadership development workshops are included across all of our membership levels.

Market Busting Workshops: Fast-paced sessions teach your leadership team how to craft an unbeatable customer experience strategy like Fortune 100 companies. Through three half-day sessions, you’ll dive into the mindset of your target customer, designing superior solutions with superior margins.

Culture Busting Workshops: This three-session executive leadership workshop clarifies your company’s core values, purpose, and vision to attract and retain top talent. You’ll receive a culture audit survey, actionable insights, and a plan to enhance employee engagement and commitment.

Sales Busting Workshops: This series guides you in creating a client acquisition process to manufacture customers on demand and become indispensable to them. From identifying strategic prospects to crafting a compelling value proposition, these workshops empower you to target key customers for each offering, potentially justifying your entire membership with one new client.

Pareto Busting Workshops: Harvard research found only 10% of leaders focus enough time on the vital few activities that generate success. In this series we challenge participants to evaluate their customer base, their competitors, their key processes, their people and even their daily calendars against the few actions that bring the greatest results.

Strategy Busting Workshops: Get a high-level view of your industry, identifying game-changing opportunities and plotting intercept courses to profit from evolving customer needs. Through a powerful process, you’ll uncover initiatives to transform your business and position yourself as a market innovator, aligning your employees’ activities to make your new strategy a reality.

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