Monthly CEO Forums Explore problems, opportunities and sensitive issues that may be inappropriate or premature to discuss within your own company. You'll receive the perspectives of practicing professionals, and you are not obligated to take their advice... unless you want to! Forums are small group meetings at member facilities where discussions take place in a more personal, in-depth, atmosphere. Forums typically meet 11 months per year and allow members to experience the inner practices of other organizations through on-site visits. These meetings are where the rubber meets the road and breakthrough conversations provide the perspective and support to make game…
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  • The Business Academy Workshops
    Market Busting Workshops - Market Busting Workshops are designed to teach your executive leadership team the classic components of designing an unbeatable customer experience strategy while giving you the time to build it. These sessions are fast paced and highly focused. No frills, very little philosophy; just lots of roll-up-your-sleeves and get strategy on paper. Market Busting Workshops consist of four half-day sessions and are included in your Gold Executive Group membership. Together, you and your team will learn the processes used by Proctor and Gamble, General Mills and other Fortune 100 companies to get into the mindset and world…
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  • Large Group Learning Events (Open To Your Team)
    QUARTERLY LARGE GROUP ROUNDTABLE EVENTS introduce new ways of thinking about employee and customer care, strategic planning, and other critical business issues. These sessions are designed to provide a system for benchmarking your company against world-class strategies. Come, bring your business leadership team, and take away practical new ideas for your growing company. For our company, the Quarterly Round Table sessions are overwhelming beneficial. The information presented by the tremendous speakers have allowed us - more than once - to make instrumental changes in our business model that were necessary to move our company forward." -- Partner, Avionics Firm Join…
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5 Reasons Why Our Members Choose Executive Group

Whether you define market domination in terms of market share, geographic dominance, price point dominance or other segmentation criteria you can expect Executive Group to help you refine your business model and strategy to take advantage of the changing marketplace.  Our purpose and our passion is to help you achieve and sustain a leadership position in your marketplace.

When we draw upon our own experience and knowledge we make decisions that reflect only one perspective and one level of business acumen. Executive Group's diverse and sophisticated membership provides a 360 degree view of issues and opportunities. The standard operating procedures of one industry are often the breakthrough innovations of another.  Without valid insights, change is elusive or wrongheaded. We help you discover the right moves that will grow your business.

Instead of measuring your performance against the past, Executive Group members help each other measure themselves against what's possible . . . and they tell each other exactly how to get there.  Executive Group Forums and Roundtables provide regular updates on the latest innovations and successful strategies of real people in real situations.

Harvard research discovered that barely 10% of executives had both identified the right things to work on AND allocated enough energy to achieve them.  Executive Group methodologies help you confirm the key drivers of your economic engine and help you drive execution through your leaders and your organization. We help you get the right things done.

Our delivery model maximizes your benefits while minimizing your time commitment.  Value and benefits compound over time as we learn your business challenges and our principles and techniques begin unfolding in your organization.  Executive Group does not "take" time. Instead we help you use your time to get better results.

To make your decision as well informed as possible, we offer a 90 day risk free trial.  Executive Group is not for everyone, but if these philosophies and processes resonate with you, contact us.

What Our Members Have to say

Executive Group participants are curious individuals-high performers and active. Not only are they curious about their own business, but the 'business of business

Membership Levels

      GOLD MEMBERSHIP The Executive Group Gold Membership is our most popular membership program. It includes your membership in a small group of…
      PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP Our Platinum Membership includes all the benefits and opportunities of our Gold Membership plus quarterly private workshops with your leadership…
    KEY LEADER PROGRAM The Key Leader Program is patterned after the Executive Group Gold Membership, but represents a 50% discount to encourage participation…