Executive Group serves entrepreneurial men and women committed to building something great. These are leaders dedicated to constructing a business that will win in good times and bad. They realize enduring success will not be found in competing against features, quality, service and price, but rather is the natural result of becoming an indispensable growth partner with the unique customers they’ve chosen to serve.
If you are a life-long learner in search of a better way, you’ll enjoy the rigor and discipline of surrounding yourself with other curious entrepreneurs. Because we serve people who want to change the game to one they are uniquely positioned to win, we go about the business of a peer group like nobody else.


Scientific research shows that a highly effective way to reduce stress is to give it to someone else. Unfortunately, leaders often pass their anger and frustration on to their followers with micromanagement, mandates, displacement aggression, and other toxic behaviors.

High stress is a direct cause and an inevitable consequence of poor leadership in the workplace. Stress and leadership are intimately connected, but this complex relationship rarely receives adequate attention. In times of increasing uncertainty, possessing efficient stress and burnout management skills separates good leaders from bad ones.

From this Neuroscience-driven, content-rich workshop, you will gain insights into how to deal with stressors rather than tolerate more stress. You will receive proven techniques to increase your team’s productivity and psychological safety. You will integrate stress reduction into your leadership decision-making. You will become aware of negative stress-reducing outlets that cause long-term harm. You will acquire the knowledge to create a more sustainable culture. You will avoid becoming a stressor to your followers.

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Unlike peer groups who employ a “one member, one seat at the table” philosophy, we realize a great idea is only as good as its implementation. Therefore, an Executive Group membership is more like a family membership at the YMCA. We have offerings for your entire leadership team that focus on generating and implementing fresh approaches for growing your business.

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Executive Group participants are curious individuals-high performers and active. Not only are they curious about their own business, but the 'business of business

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