Large Group Executive Roundtable Events

Uncover opportunities for strategic positioning.

Bill presenting to a large group of business professionals

Sharpen Your Saw

Our Quarterly Large Group Roundtable Events offer valuable opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, and peer support. By connecting with executives from diverse backgrounds, you’ll gain insights, exchange best practices, and receive advice on navigating complex challenges. Benchmarking your organization’s performance and validating strategic initiatives against industry peers can provide valuable validation and inspiration for innovation.

These events also serve as personal and professional development platforms, with workshops and discussions focusing on leadership skills and industry trends. Additionally, you can elevate your visibility and thought leadership by sharing insights and expertise, enhancing your reputation within the industry. Take advantage of a supportive and stimulating environment to network, learn, and grow.

a group of business professionals at a roundtable event

Hear More From Our Members

“For our company, the quarterly Round Table sessions are overwhelming beneficial. The information presented by the tremendous speakers have allowed us – more than once – to make instrumental changes in our business model that were necessary to move our company forward.”

Partner, Avionics Firm

“I spent 16 years with a privately held corporation producing annual revenues exceeding $4B, the speakers & trainers showcased were great but based on the two sessions I’ve experienced with Bill Mills and the Executive Group, those heavy hitters haven’t held a candle to the influence and overall impact gained from the Executive Group’s offerings.”

Sales and Marketing Manager

“Executive Group has helped me see possibilities and challenged me to act. Capstone Press is now tapping into new funding sources in our current market and entering new markets that hold great promise. Executive Group was instrumental in making this happen.”

Matt Keller, President, Capstone Press