Executive Leadership Testimonials

We’re honored to have an extensive list of Executive Group members who’ve benefited from our conversations, events, and unique approach.

Bill presenting to a large group of business professionals

Talley, CEO/Owner

“It’s not based on required lead exchange…It’s more focused on what are the steps that you need to take in order to grow your business.”

Ron, CEO

"The general theme...is how do we as an individual and a company break through to add differentiation, add value, and increase the ROI."

Rollie, Chairman/CEO

"An extremely important aspect of [MN Executive Group] is the feeling and the self-satisfaction one gets in participating with others and helping them."

Gene, CEO/Owner

"We attended the Sales Busting [Workshop] and initially the other team weren't real enthused...As the day went on they were very excited and at the end of the first day we did go back to the office, discuss it in detail, and have implemented some of the ideas."

Jim, President/Owner

"It all adds up to an incredible return on your investment."

Steve, President/Owner

"Bringing my team in [to the Roundtables] resulted in a change in thinking amongst our group. We're getting great traction now from every customer that sees the difference in us.”

Gene, CEO/Owner

"There's always some golden nuggets I get out of each meeting."

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Talley, CEO/Owner

Ron, CEO

Rollie, Chairman/CEO

Gene, CEO/Owner

Jim, President/Owner

Steve, President/Owner

Gene, CEO/Owner

More from Our Members

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“My investment of both time and money towards my Executive Group membership continues to prove extremely valuable.  Having a group of other business owners and leaders to help guide me in difficult decisions or situations has allowed me to grow my business tremendously.  It is amazing how an outside view of my business can spur new ideas.  I would strongly recommend Bill and The Executive Group to any business leader or owner who is looking to play at the top of their game!”

Jerald Stiele

“It’s important to step away periodically from the daily business to focus on development of business strategy AND on developing as a leader. The Key Leader Forum accomplishes both. In addition to the networking, business concepts, and problem solving with bright minds at the Key Leader Forum table, I gained valuable insights into my leadership style, leadership personality, and the complimentary skills and personalities that I need for high functioning teams to drive sustainable results. I’ve been given the privilege to lead others – these insights are mine to keep and apply for the balance of my career.”

Tim Erickson, Sales Director at Lube-Tech

“I love Executive Group – As CEO, it’s one of the only places where I can speak to peers about issue I am facing at my company. To have a dedicated time out of the business to work on the business is great!! Iron sharpens iron!! I’ve been a member for less than a year and already the experience has been invaluable.”

Micah C. Benway, Shine Wealth

“Being a member of Executive Group for the past 8 years has been a fantastic experience!  Myself and our company’s leadership, on numerous occasions, have strategized, received facilitation services from Bill, and taken advantage of the educational opportunities.  Our monthly meetings with peers are awesome!  All that Executive Group offers has allowed our business and its leaders to triple in size over the years.  Bill has also been a mentor to me during our membership which is invaluable.  Executive Group and Bill continue to be a significant guiding light for our company.  I highly recommend Executive Group.”

Jeff Kline, CEO, 4Front Energy

“I joined Executive Group with the clear goal of elevating my company to new heights, and I can confidently say that my decision has been transformative. The monthly sessions are not just educational; they are relaxed, engaging, and surprisingly fun. Each meeting has introduced me to a wealth of concrete and practical advice that I’ve been able to implement directly into my business strategy.

As the owner and leader of my company, the lessons I’ve learned have significantly enhanced my effectiveness. I now approach challenges with greater clarity and confidence, thanks to the insights and strategies shared by fellow members and expert facilitators. The tangible results speak for themselves: my company has become a more cohesive and productive environment, where employees thrive and innovation flourishes.

Owning and managing a business can be a challenge and a journey, and Executive Group has truly made all the difference for me. I am grateful for the ongoing support, camaraderie, and invaluable knowledge that I continue to gain from this exceptional group.”

Paul White, President

“The Executive Group (TEG) has been a 10+ year key partner for both me and the company in a number of ways:

– The Peer Group experience is invaluable. The saying “It’s lonely at the top” is very true and having a group of peers to learn from, to help, to commiserate with and to have fun with is a monthly meeting I look forward to.

– A huge differentiator for TEG is the numerous workshops and speakers that TEG provides to the entire team, not just the executives.  It is enormously beneficial to bring in our entire management team to various programs sponsored by TEG.

– Bill is a trusted advisor and friend who is available for countless consulting engagements, from time management, to engagement surveys, to solving people issues. He is always available and engaged in helping member companies grow and prosper.

I highly recommend The Executive Group to any leader who is looking to take their business to the next level.”

Mike Moroz, President/CEO

“I have been a member of Executive Group for over a decade. It is the best investment I make each year in the overall success in our company.”

Jon Alexander

“We have been a member of the Executive Group for almost 20 years, and it has been one of the best decisions we have made. The variety and quality of education, outside speakers, personalized coaching, and networking have been incredibly valuable for our company’s growth, as well as for our company culture and the development of individuals. The topics are relevant to current times, and I highly recommend that both companies and individuals join if they are looking to grow personally and professionally.”

Justin Dworak, President

“Executive Group has helped me see possibilities and challenged me to act. Capstone Press is now tapping into new funding sources in our current market and entering new markets that hold great promise. Executive Group was instrumental in making this happen.”

Matt Keller, President, Capstone Press

“I spent 16 years with a privately held corporation producing annual revenues exceeding $4B, the speakers & trainers showcased were great but based on the two sessions I’ve experienced with Bill Mills and the Executive Group, those heavy hitters haven’t held a candle to the influence and overall impact gained from the Executive Group’s offerings.”

Sales and Marketing Manager

“For our company, the quarterly Round Table sessions are overwhelming beneficial. The information presented by the tremendous speakers have allowed us – more than once – to make instrumental changes in our business model that were necessary to move our company forward.”

Partner, Avionics Firm

“It is difficult to put an exact dollar amount on the ideas I’ve gained from Executive Group over the years, but the investment of approximately a half a day a month is well worth the rewards from the meetings. The information and knowledge I’ve gained from other executives has been fabulous and I have been able to apply this information directly to my business.

I particularly enjoy the monthly forums. They give me a great opportunity to highlight my company and I use the group of 10 or 12 executives as my outside advisory board, challenging my ideas and thoughts and helping dissect problems that arise from time to time.

Executive Group membership is a “no-brainer” for me!”

Gene Phillip, President DYMAX Service

“I have been participating in the Executive Group – Key Leaders forum for the past 14 months and recommend this forum to both new and tenured executives with a passion for personal improvement. The group round-table format is a highly effective method of engaging participation and contribution from all members; this has particularly benefited me through exposure to multiple perspectives, on complex topics, from a talented group of executives who share similar challenges in business.

Additionally, Bill is a dynamic facilitator who has the ability to draw on his experiences and a deep resource pool to challenge the members of the group to think outside of our traditional methods. The topics discussed and concepts explored are relevant to both my short and long term objectives and I find it easy to correlate back to and apply in business situations.”

Todd Owens, Vice President Engineering, Donatelle Plastics