Our Philosophy

Executive Leadership Philosophy

Bill presenting to a large group of business professionals

Total Market Domination

By Bill Mills – Founder, Executive Group, Inc.

In a crowded marketplace where competitors clash daily, many business leaders assume this is simply the unwanted reality of business today. I challenge this notion—I believe our organizations are perfectly designed to give us the results we currently experience. Every relationship can be viewed as a win-win opportunity to maximize your marketplace, your vendor relationships, your leadership team relationships, and your employee relationships. By studying and aligning your interests with those of your stakeholders, you can craft a service and business model capable of producing market beating results.

Consider how Southwest Airlines disrupted their industry. Their success stems from a unique approach to market domination that does not sacrifice freedom and balance.

Executive Group is not like any other executive development, networking or CEO group in Minnesota. Our goal is to help you achieve market domination while maintaining enough freedom and balance to enjoy it.

Consider large corporations like GE, Procter & Gamble, and Coca-Cola, which have vast resources focused on market leadership. Historically, strategies of this scale have been out of reach for small—to medium-sized businesses. However, even a coffee shop concept can achieve market dominance with the right strategy.

What Our CEOs Face

The obstacle to overcome is complexity. If you are a typical Executive Group member, you’ve probably experienced some or all of the following:

  1. Daily activity levels leave little time for market-busting strategies to emerge.
  2. The business has grown and morphed into multiple small businesses that now compete for attention and resources (and may actually be hurting your bottom line).
  3. The company has become overly dependent upon you to solve problems and spot new opportunities.
  4. Your strategic planning often devolves to “doing last year harder.”
  5. When times are good, you make money, but you can’t point to anything you’ve done to account for it.

As Minnesota’s premier CEO cooperative, we’ve spent years refining a strategy for enduring success that simplifies your business model, similar to Southwest Airlines’ streamlined approach.

Executive Group members undergo a transformative process, reevaluating their value proposition, value chain, and customer experience to uncover unique needs only they can fulfill. We distill complex business plans into a single page, aligning your entire company around key issues and opportunities. This simplicity beyond complexity is what enables Starbucks to charge a premium for coffee and Southwest to maintain its competitive edge.

Executive Group equips you with the awareness and tools to enhance your existing business or reinvent it if necessary. Our focus lies in two key leadership responsibilities: focus and execution. By honing in on these areas, we deliver maximum business results while preserving a balanced life.

We offer two membership tracks tailored to your needs: Gold Membership, centered on peer groups, roundtables, and workshops, and Platinum Membership, which includes quarterly interactions with your leadership team to drive strategic execution. Both plans can be supplemented with additional services from our expert consultants.

If you’ve ever thought, “There has got to be a better way,” consider taking advantage of our 90-day trial membership. During that time, feel free to look at our competition. You’ll see we practice what we preach.

– Bill Mills