The Business Academy Workshops

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Market Busting Workshops

Market Busting Workshops are designed to teach your executive leadership team the classic components of designing an unbeatable customer experience strategy while giving you the time to build it. These sessions are fast paced and highly focused. No frills, very little philosophy; just lots of roll-up-your-sleeves and get strategy on paper. Market Busting Workshops consist of four half-day sessions and are included in your Gold Executive Group membership. Together, you and your team will learn the processes used by Proctor and Gamble, General Mills and other Fortune 100 companies to get into the mindset and world of your target customer so you can design a superior solution with superior margins. The value of this executive development series alone will justify your entire membership!

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Culture Busting Workshops

Few entrepreneurs started their companies out of a burning desire to hire and manage employee’s. By now we all know that a vibrant, productive culture can be a huge advantage in the marketplace, but it often gets the back burner to more urgent (though less important) issues.

To help bridge that gap we’ve created a three session series (included in your membership) that will help you clarify or affirm your company’s core values, purpose and vision in a language that attracts and retains the A players. We’ll also provide you with a culture audit survey and help you interpret the results that will point to specific actions you can take to increase your employee’s engagement and commitment.From there you’ll have the information you need to develop a communication and debriefing plan as well as a framework for prioritizing your top initiatives for improvement. In our third workshop we’ll help you evaluate your leadership and supervisory practices that have the biggest impact on your work environment.

Finally, we’ll leave you with a practical plan for developing your leadership team.None of us went to culture school and yet it is the 24/7 training program that never sleeps. Whether you use these workshops to help you win the Twin Cities Best Places to Work Award or whether you simply use them to ensure you are taking advantage of best practices to create a more productive and happy workplace, we promise you’ll get a lot of value from this series.

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Sales Busting Workshops

How would the world be different if you had a client acquisition process that allowed you to manufacture a customer on demand? What if you could become indispensable to your customers?

This series (included in your membership) starts by identifying the few strategic prospects who could change your business trajectory and who are pre-disposed to put a higher value on your offering. Then we exchange your positioning statement, your elevator speeches and your glossy collateral for a psychologically provocative value proposition that positions you as a true growth partner in the mind of your customer. We help your team design a visual differentiator, dollarize your benefits and build a campaign to reach the decision maker who can get your deal done. We even have a segment on proposal writing. All in all, we are very excited about sharing this process with you and believe you will want to go through it again and again as you target key customers for each of your offerings. Just one new client can justify your entire membership!

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Strategy Busting Workshops

Most small business owners spend very little time on strategic initiatives that change the game on their competitors or make them indispensable to their customers. More often than not the approach to strategy is to set incremental goals for increasing sales or reducing costs that don’t change your value in the eyes of your prospects and customers.

Strategy Busting gives your leaders a high level view of your industry and the trends that are reshaping your marketplace. We’ll engage your team in exercises to expose the biggest game changing opportunities and to explore the most pertinent questions that apply to your unique situation. The goal is to identify where your customers’ needs are heading and (if you decide to) plot an intercept course that best puts you in position to profit from the change.

We give you a powerful process to review your core business and the best strategies to improve margins, sales, recurring revenue and profits. We’ll explore your business model and clarify why you are winning sales now and how you might win even more with a slight change in your approach. This proven process produces the 1 or 2 initiatives that have the ability to transform your business and position yourself as the true innovator in your marketplace.

Finally we share an elegant process for aligning the activities of your employees so your new strategy actually becomes a reality.

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