Gold Membership

Bill presenting to a large group of business professionals

Gold Membership

The Executive Group Gold Membership is our most popular membership program. It includes your membership in a small group of non-competitive CEOs/presidents that meet for a half day eleven months of the year to focus on member issues and opportunities. Quarterly Roundtable presentations feature noted speakers in their fields and are part of your membership program. Bring your key leaders and managers at no cost! Four times a year you and your leadership team can choose to participate in our Business Academy Workshops that are designed to help you maximize your Customer Acquisition Process, your Customer Experience Process, your Culture and ultimately your Strategic Positioning.



“I spent 16 years with a privately held corporation producing annual revenues exceeding $4B, the speakers & trainers showcased were great but based on the two sessions I’ve experienced with Bill Mills and the Executive Group, those heavy hitters haven’t held a candle to the influence and overall impact gained from the Executive Group’s offerings.”

— Sales and Marketing Manager

close up of a member taking notes during a presentation

The Gold Membership is designed to meet the following personal and organizational needs:

  • Provide a confidential and supportive environment to discuss and design a market-leading business model.
  • Provide access to diverse and sophisticated business strategies.
  • Calibrate your thinking and dry-run sensitive business issues.
  • Sharpen your business skills.
  • Challenge you to work ON your business, not IN it.
a group of business professionals around a table with their computers