The Key Leader Program is designed to meet the following personal and organizational needs:

 Provide a confidential and supportive environment for leaders and executives (who are not

owners, presidents or CEOs) to broaden their business acumen and calibrate their thinking

against the cross functional expertise of their peers. These executives and leaders are often on

the short list to take over the role of the President or CEO.

 Provide a forum for the development of both personalized and classic leadership skills.

 Help key leaders align their efforts with those of the CEO to be an even more successful and

valuable executive.

 To expose key leaders to the same concepts and experiences around creating enduring success

and a balanced lifestyle.

The Key Leader Program is patterned after the Executive Group Gold Membership, but represents a

32% discount to encourage participation and to build organizational support for the owner/CEO


The Key Leader Program includes:

 11 half day Forums

 4 half day Roundtables

 4 Business Academy Workshop series (Same as the CEO Gold Membership)

 Access to the same business development tools and resources as a Gold Membership

In addition, Key Leader members participate in designing the educational and leadership development

components of their Forums every few months. This keeps the meetings fresh and relevant. Examples of

these leadership development components could include:

 Emotional intelligence training to develop better people skills

 Conflict management skills

 Time management skills

 Basic supervisory skills and approaches

 Personal mastery (360 reviews, personality assessments)

 Teambuilding / interpersonal mastery

 Communication mastery

 Strategic planning skills

 Executive skills

 Project management skills

 And more!

These leadership development components make up a portion of the Forums and are selected based

upon both the participant's and their CEO's input.

In addition, participants are asked to select meaningful goals and projects to work on throughout the

year to maximize the payback and value of your investment.

Add Testimonial:

"I have been participating in the Executive Group - Key Leaders forum for the past 14 months and

recommend this forum to both new and tenured executives with a passion for personal improvement.

The group round-table format is a highly effective method of engaging participation and contribution

from all members; this has particularly benefited me through exposure to multiple perspectives, on

complex topics, from a talented group of executives who share similar challenges in business.

Additionally, Bill is a dynamic facilitator who has the ability to draw on his experiences and a deep

resource pool to challenge the members of the group to think outside of our traditional methods. The

topics discussed and concepts explored are relevant to both my short and long term objectives and I find

it easy to correlate back to and apply in business situations."

- Todd Owens, Vice President Engineering, Donatelle Plastics

Next Steps:

The Key Leader Program comes with a 90 day, no risk guarantee. If you or members of your business

leadership team feel for any reason that the program won't pay for itself many times over, you are free

to cancel your membership within the first 3 months and receive a complete refund.

Click here for PDF about the Key Leader Program

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