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Executive Group participants are curious individuals-high performers and active. Not only are they curious about their own business, but the 'business of business" too."

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"It is difficult to put an exact dollar amount on the ideas I've gained from Executive Group over the years, but the investment of approximately a half a day a month is well worth the rewards from the meetings. The information and knowledge I've gained from other executives has been fabulous and I have been able to apply this information directly to my business."

"I particularly enjoy the monthly forums. They give me a great opportunity to highlight my company and I use the group of 10 or 12 executives as my outside advisory board, challenging my ideas and thoughts and helping dissect problems that arise from time to time."

"Executive Group membership is a "no-brainer" for me!"

"I have been participating in the Executive Group - Key Leaders forum for the past 14 months and recommend this forum to both new and tenured executives with a passion for personal improvement. The group round-table format is a highly effective method of engaging participation and contribution from all members; this has particularly benefited me through exposure to multiple perspectives, on complex topics, from a talented group of executives who share similar challenges in business."

"Additionally, Bill is a dynamic facilitator who has the ability to draw on his experiences and a deep resource pool to challenge the members of the group to think outside of our traditional methods. The topics discussed and concepts explored are relevant to both my short and long term objectives and I find it easy to correlate back to and apply in business situations."

"For our company, the quarterly Round Table sessions are overwhelming beneficial. The information presented by the tremendous speakers have allowed us - more than once - to make instrumental changes in our business model that were necessary to move our company forward."

"I spent 16 years with a privately held corporation producing annual revenues exceeding $4B, the speakers & trainers showcased were great but based on the two sessions I've experienced with Bill Mills and the Executive Group, those heavy hitters haven't held a candle to the influence and overall impact gained from the Executive Group's offerings."

"Executive Group has helped me see possibilities and challenged me to act. Capstone Press is now tapping into new funding sources in our current market and entering new markets that hold great promise. Executive Group was instrumental in making this happen."

"The Executive Group benefit that is most important to me is the interaction with other business members. When you become an Executive Group member, you have an immediate common bond with the group. When you talk to them, you don't have to give a lot of background information, you just get right to the issues."

"We also get together in a large setting once a quarter and nearly everyone has been very valuable. From small consultancies to subsidiaries of large multi-national companies, you get a diverse set of experiences from those people. It's a great opportunity to learn different ways of looking at my business including marketing, positioning, strategic planning, branding and other topics key to the success of any business. I look at membership as an investment and I look forward to the meetings."

"Frankly, we would not be near the size we are or as far along in the business if we had not been members of The Executive Group. The quarterly sessions are particularly valuable and I often bring other people from my executive team. The sessions are focused cutting-edge concepts that provide great insight and often lead to major initiative changes within the company."

"One of the things I've recently come to appreciate is learning to not let the business run the business owner! Instead, you can run the business in such a way that adds to the owner's life and fulfillment of what they want out of life. Going to these sessions and always finding something new - a new insight, a new tip - it's just been a great experience."

"Executive Group membership is an investment that has paid off very well. Every year we feel very good about what we get back out and wouldn't consider not making that investment."

"While I enjoyed the wide variety of speakers TEC/Vistage offered, Executive Group has taken out the non-value elements and replaced them with a program that directly focuses on elements essential to growing our business. Executive Group is a terrific value."

"I was a member of a premier international CEO group for 10 years. It was expensive, but I enjoyed the high caliber people it attracted. After 10 years my business was flat. I was frustrated, and it was increasingly difficult to justify my involvement."

"Now, after just one year with Executive Group, we've doubled our profits, uncovered our true value proposition and we are pursuing a high growth, high margin strategy. In the meantime our competition is still playing the low price commodity game. I have an excitement and enthusiasm for my company I haven't felt in years and I now see a path to fulfill the dreams I had when I bought the company!"

"I'm always looking to challenge myself to be a better leader and a better person. Executive Group focuses on how to run our businesses and find balance in our personal lives so we have a meaningful job and a meaningful personal life. I always like to leave with just one concept that I'm going to implement or think about. That challenges me to open my way of thinking and try different things so I don't fall into the paradigm routine that I'm always thinking of things in the same way."

"Every business has key components of leadership, strategic planning, sales and marketing, and business results. It doesn't matter if you're a non-profit. We're in a competitive market too. We face the same challenges and Executive Group helps us stay one step ahead."

"Like anything else, you have to take some time out to invest in yourself as a leader. That's what you do through Executive Group. I get a lot of energy from the focus group meetings and after being in a job for more than 30 years, I can use all the energy I can get! I've been in many, many trade association and other groups where they just zapped energy from me, so I really appreciate the energy I get from listening to others' stories as well as presenting my own story as we work together to be more successful."

"When you're a business owner, you sometimes feel like an island unto yourself. So where can you go when you need someone to turn to for advice? I find the Executive Group to be an organization that I can lean on to get answers you can't get anywhere else.
Executive Group is not a club. Instead, it's a camaraderie that provides an opportunity for people of similar backgrounds with diverse experience to develop alternative ways of looking at a problem and how to deal with it."

"Thanks for the opportunity to attend last week's [Market Busting] session. Since I work on a lot of projects associated with "change" at Kaposia, I found the information to be extremely helpful. I can see now why one of the projects I've worked on recently has had less than desirable results! I certainly learned lessons I will apply in the future."

"When you have to make the tough decisions, many of the other Executive Group members have had to slay the same dragons. They know the sleepless nights; they know what it's like to put your house up to get money for the company. So you have to be really honest with yourself and present your thoughts honestly. If you're full of baloney, someone is going to tell you.

I've found that an Executive Group membership tends to take on a life of its own. It's been fun finding out all the elements we have in common, and taking a look at our businesses and market conditions and becoming a participant in one another's thought processes. It's also been challenging and I am constantly amazed at the creativity, drive and scope of what many are doing."

"I enjoy developing relationships with other executives who understand what it takes to run a company, someone you can bounce ideas off of. CEOs and presidents think alike and know you have to look at all the pieces, not just one area and how that performs.
I think of Executive Group as a great forum for the interchange of the latest trends and learning what other executives are finding works well. Over the years, I've been able to take what I've learned and adapt it to situations that work for me."

"Our return on the investment of being a member of The Executive Group has been fantastic. Not only has my peer group been instrumental in helping me think through critical business issues but The Executive Group has programs for our entire leadership team. Both the quarterly guest speakers and “Busting” workshops have given us practical ideas and process improvements that have driven revenue and our culture. I highly recommend The Executive Group to any CEO looking to take their business to the next level."

"As a 10+ year member of Executive Group on an annual basis my partner and I discuss whether or not to renew my membership in Executive Group. Each and every year we stop, look back at what the firm got out of my membership and what I gained and the decision becomes obvious. Whether it's the training series presented by Bill and his team, the quarterly ½ day training sessions, meetings with my peer group, or one on one sessions with Bill. Each on it's own is worth our investment, but when combined the return on investment is unmatched. Give Executive Group a try, you and your firm won't be sorry."

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