By Bill Mills - Founder, Executive Group, Inc.

No one starts a business with the dream of being a "me-too" business.

And just because dozens of competitors slug it out daily in the marketplace doesn't mean it has to be that way.

I firmly believe that your organization is perfectly designed to give it the results it currently experiences. The marketplace, your vendors, your business leadership team and your employees interact with you in the precise manner they do because it is in their best interests to do so. By understanding and aligning those interests better than the competition, you can design a service and a business model that stands a clear head and shoulders above everyone else.

There is a reason Southwest Airlines makes lots and lots of money while its competitors inch closer to extinction.

Executive Group is not like any other executive development networking or CEO group in Minnesota. Our goal is to help you achieve market domination while maintaining enough freedom and balance to enjoy it.


GE, Proctor and Gamble, Coke, and other large multi-nationals have huge amounts of capital and people to focus on becoming number one or two in their markets. Until now their strategies and tactics have been mostly unavailable and generally non-applicable to the small to medium business owner. We've had to be content with the leftovers. But then along comes an unknown company from Seattle who decides they can de-commoditize the coffee industry. You don't have to be Starbucks to dominate your market...but the same process can be applied to any business in any industry if you know what it is.

The obstacle to overcome is complexity. If you are typical of Executive Group members you have probably experienced some or all of the following:

  1. Daily activity levels leave little time for market busting strategies to emerge.
  2. The business has grown and morphed into multiple small businesses that now compete for attention and resources (and may actually be hurting your bottom line).
  3. The company has become overly dependent upon you to solve problems and spot new opportunities.
  4. Your strategic planning often devolves to "doing last year harder".
  5. When times are good you make money, but you can't point to anything you've done to account for it.

As the premier CEO cooperative in Minnesota, we have spent the last four years experimenting, practicing, and refining an elegant though rigorous approach to enduring success.

In broad terms, we help you design a sustainable competitive advantage by simplifying your business model (think Southwest).

Executive Group members are encouraged, challenged and supported as they come to grips with the business they are really in (or should be in). We help you re-think your value proposition, your value chain and your customer experience to find the underlying and unmet needs that only you can satisfy. We help reduce your business plan to a single page that allows you to align the activity of your entire company around critical issues and opportunities.

This simplicity on the far side of complexity is what allows Starbucks to charge $3.60 for a cup of coffee and causes people to think Southwest is some kind of discount airline while they laugh all the way to the bank.

Executive Group provides you with the awareness and the tools to dramatically improve your existing business, or, if need be, to reinvent it.

To keep things simple we challenge each other to work on two leadership responsibilities: focus and execution. This approach provides maximum business results while maintaining an appropriate life balance.

Executive Group offers two membership tracks depending upon your unique needs. Our Gold Membership is our core offering that relies on facilitated peer groups, Roundtables and Business Academy Workshops to help you create the company you envision. Our Platinum Membership includes quarterly interactions with your business leadership team to heighten accountability and drive the execution of your strategic plan. Both plans can be augmented with the ala carte services offered by our faculty of market domination consultants.

If you've ever thought, "There has got to be a better way," consider taking advantage of our 90 day trial executive development membership. During that time, feel free to look at our competition. You'll see we practice what we preach.

We're here for you!
- Bill Mills