About Executive Group

Solve Your Toughest Business Issues with Support from Your Peers

Executive Group is a Minnesota based CEO Peer Group and CEO Roundtable member organization committed to helping every member company achieve market domination. We help our member companies and their executive leaders (Presidents, CEOs and Business Owners) design and execute strategies that enhance personal life and personal freedom while producing sustainable growth and profits.

Whether your intent is to build your company through market domination or create more freedom and balance in your life, Executive Group delivers hands-on, real world ideas that work.

Unlike traditional CEO peer groups or CEO Roundtable programs, Executive Group is founded on proven strategic planning and execution methods that create sustainable competitive advantages in your markets. Executive Group is the only CEO peer group and round table organization in Minnesota that engages your entire company. No more pressure trying to sell new ideas to your busy and distracted business leadership team. We allow your team to participate in our workshops and seminars so they can help you design and execute strategies that turn the tables on your competition.


Why Choose Executive Group For Your CEO Peer Group?

If you are the type of leader who is excited about learning and implementing proven ideas for growing your company; who is just as willing to hear the unvarnished perspectives of others as you are to contribute to another's success, Executive Group may be exactly what you're looking for.

Our focus is clear; we want to help you and your leadership team create the organization you need and always wanted to have. Executive Group's paradigm is centered on proven strategic thinking and execution methodologies that help you get it done.

Minnesota-based Executive Group, Inc. is a cooperative CEO peer-group-style think tank infused with top flight consulting support. Designed to meet the needs of busy, entrepreneurial business leaders, Executive Group respects your time demands and allows you to select the offerings that fit your current needs. By bringing business owners, presidents and leaders together to share their personal and business experiences, Executive Group creates a like-minded forum for solving any CEO's toughest business issues. With an eye toward professional and corporate growth, an Executive Group membership provides a focus and methodology to help you achieve market leadership while also achieving a satisfying lifestyle.

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What Sets Executive Group apart from other CEO Peer Groups or Roundtable Forums?

Executive Group provides a variety of venues and forums to share experiences that engage your organization's entire business leadership team in the discipline of market leadership. Through our Gold and Platinum memberships, as well as our Key Leader Program & Business Academy Workshop sessions, we have the right executive development programs to provide your leadership team with the tools it needs to beat the competition.